Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Sanctuary: Kindle + App

Technology often makes us so connected that we're reachable anywhere. Phone calls, e-mails, text messages.  Every form of communication finds its way to us almost instantaneously.  Sometimes that makes it difficult to unplug and unwind.

But for all the privacy downsides associated with technology, I've found some technology that brings me true sanctuary.  So I thought I'd share just in case you weren't aware of this super-cool reading tool.
Sure, you've probably heard of Kindle.  Many lovers of traditional, paper-bound books have been reluctant to exchange the smell and feel of a new read for an electronic screen.  Here's why you should reconsider that decision.

For me, reading is a HUGE sanctuary.  When I can get lost in someone else's world, I don't have to worry about my own.  This past week I had to travel on business and I was pretty keyed up about the argument I had to make in front of a three-judge panel.  When I arrived in Atlanta, I scouted out the courthouse (so I'd know EXACTLY where it was in the morning) and on my way back to the hotel, swung into a diner.  So there I was, sitting alone in a restaurant, with nothing but my iPhone to entertain me.  But, I also had my kindle App on my phone.

Using the App, I was able to pull up a novel from my Kindle library, download it to my phone and read my way into oblivion instead of feeling really alone.  THE BEST PART??  (I think this is so cool!)  The App knows where I left off reading on any other device.

So, when I got to the airport and wanted to read on the larger iPad screen, the App picked up right where I'd left off reading on my iPhone.  And then I got home and went back to reading on my Kindle.  Sure enough, the device syncs right up.  Not having to find the last page or chapter you read (which happened to me on the same trip when I dropped the paper book I was reading and my book mark fell out) is just really cool. Plus, I'm pretty sure you don't even have to own a Kindle to use the Apps.

So there it is.  Amazon should totally pay me for this endorsement. Sadly, they have not. Which is even further proof that I'm just plain smitten with this gizmo.

And in case that info wasn't enough to brighten your Monday, I'll share an embarrassing story from that same trip.  I kept my nose in some form of technology the whole time I was in the airport and apparently didn't spend enough time looking at my actual paper boarding pass.  I ended up almost missing my plane because I'd been sitting (and reading) at gate C11.  Turns out, 11C was actually my seat number.  My plane was boarding at gate C22.  *facepalm*  See -- I obviously needed more sanctuary!
  So, are you sold on the Kindle App yet?  Already have it and love it like I do?  Or better yet, have an embarrassing story to share too?


  1. Oh, I love my Kindle! I can read bodice-ripper romances without people seeing me with the cheesy cover art! And there's plenty of classical novels to read that are free on Amazon, so when I have my Kindle, I'm never without entertaining reading. Of course, I still need something for the authors I meet to sign, so I can't give up on physical books just yet!

  2. I love my Kindle too but I'm still reading more books in print. I don't have an iphone so I don't know if I could download this app but that's a really cool feature.

  3. I have a kindle and an iPhone, but not the kindle app for iPhone! Love my kindle, and have about 25 books on it! I just posted on great apps for kids book on my blog, if you want to visit!

  4. I'm really enjoying my iPad with the Kindle apps. The print is so easy on my eyes. I still like pring books too. It's nice to have both.


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