Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TBR TUESDAY: The Mephisto Covenant

This Tuesday, I bring to the forefront a story that completely enamored me when I first heard about it. I can't wait to read it in it's entirety. And if you are a paranormal junkie or romance freak on any level I think you'll want to add it too.

Title: The Mephisto Covenant
Author: Trinity Faegen
Publisher: Egmont USA
Release Date: September 27, 2011

So, yeah...I'm in love with the cover. And check out this blurb:

Sasha is desperate to find out who murdered her father. When getting the answer means pledging her soul to Eryx, she unlocks a secret that puts her in grave danger—Sasha is Anabo, a daughter of Eve, and 
Eryx’s biggest threat. 

A son of Hell, immortal, and bound to Earth forever, Jax looks 
for redemption in the Mephisto Covenant—God’s promise he will find 
peace in the love of an Anabo. After a thousand years, he’s finally 
found the girl he’s been searching for: Sasha. 

With the threat of Eryx looming, Jax has to keep Sasha safe and 
win her over. But can he? Will Sasha love him and give up her mortal 

You need it now, don't you??? Make sure you pick it up when it's released. 

For now, find out more on Trinity's WEBSITE or her BLOG.


  1. ok Sheri - NO FAIR making me want a book that doesn't come out until September!

  2. I know, Jessie. But I've been drooling over it since she was in the midst of writing it. I just love the premise!!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks awesome! So different from what I've been reading lately. I can't wait for it to come out!


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