Monday, May 02, 2011

The Renaissance of Writing: Part 1

Monday Sanctuary is a theme we explore as writers, giving helpful tips on finding that balance within our writing lives. And with the weekend I just had, a sanctuary is in order. :)

Kate & Me
If any of you follow my personal blog, you're aware that I'm a former dancer aka still taking adult dance lessons (though just for fun now) and my twelve-year-old daughter studies as well. We performed in three shows over the weekend, and yes, I am exhausted.

But being backstage got me thinking about my former life as a dancer and what else, other than dance back then, enhanced and/or brought peace to my dancing life.

Being a writer can take on many forms. We can write short stories, novels, articles, and poems. The list is endless and the only boundaries are the ones we set. So what enhances our writing...really? Life? Love? Experiences?

For me, this weekend reminded me how much dance has molded me as a person ~ to be dedicated and willing to push through any obstacle to reach my full potential and goal(s).

What about you? What activity in your life other than reading, enhances who you are as a person/writer and enables you to bring more to your writing table??


  1. I pull a lot of my writing from nature. I love being outdoors and I find myself describing things in my writing related to my surroundings.

  2. My job as an appellate attorney requires that I research and write for a living. Although the two styles of writing are VERY different, improving in one area improves the other too. Things like passive voice and active verbs have universal carry-over.

  3. J.L. ~ I completely agree with the nature idea. My favorite sound of nature for writing is the rain. I even have it on my iPod. :)

    Great point, Jessie.

  4. Your picture is beautiful!

    Hiking, camping, and outdoorsy stuff like that makes a big difference. But I'd say parenting makes THE difference.

  5. I love taking classes. From Belly Dancing to Character Development and Plotting. Learning from a different perspective and seeing it from a teacher's point of view (or a student's) allows me to broaden my writing abilities.


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