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Danielle Joseph - author of Shrinking Violet & Indigo Blues - Visits!

Thank you, Danielle, for taking the time to talk to us at the Oasis.  First, we want to congratulate you on your release of INDIGO BLUES yesterday.  The book looks amazing!  For our readers, here's the description on Danielle's website: Indigo Blues is a young adult novel told in two points of view, in which a songwriter's hit tune tells the world about his break-up with his girlfriend, but the two have no concept how much their lives are going to change.
That sounds totally enthralling.  As authors, we probably have a favorite part of our books.  Something when you read it, you look back and think, "wow, I wrote that?!?!"  What's your favorite part in INDIGO BLUES

I really enjoyed writing this book but it was a lot of fun to write the two songs featured in the book--they are Indigo Blues and Sugar Rush. I like to pretend that I can sing!

For fans of your first release, SHRINKING VIOLET, how similar are the two books?  Will we see any similar themes? 
Both books are set to the backdrop of music but tell very different stories. Shrinking Violet is about going for your dreams no matter what obstacles you need to overcome and Indigo Blues is about coming to grips with the circumstances that you've created for yourself.

Your obvious love of music shines through in your books.  First we had a radio DJ (direct from the pages of your life) and now a rock band.  Where do you think your music obsession came from?  Could you write without music playing in the background? (Check out the playlist for INDIGO BLUES on Danielle's website.)

I have always loved music, even as a small child. My mother says that my father used to listen to music all the time before they had kids so maybe I got it from him. As a teen I really relied on music, it comforted me when I was sad and kept me company when I was bored. There is a song for every occasion. I like to create with music on but enjoy silence when I am editing.

Since music is carb-free, do you have any "guilty pleasures" our Oasis Seekers might want to try? 

Thank goodness, music is carb-free:)! I have been getting back into some of the stuff I used to listen to in high school like The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Talking Heads. They all bring back a lot of memories and are really fun and interesting bands.

You have another book, PURE RED, coming out in the fall of 2011.  It's not about music, but the "color" theme has carried through, which seems like a brilliant marketing idea.  Did you intend to work a color scheme into your titles, or is it something that just happened? 

Funny enough, it really all came about by accident. Pure Red was actually written before Shrinking Violet and Indigo Blues. I just sold it out of order. And originally Shrinking Violet was called Dead Air. But now that I have three color books, I am looking forward to writing the entire rainbow eventually!

We love that your creativity blossoms in so many different areas - writing, music and art, to name a few.  Do you think creativity is something innate, or can writers learn to be creative? 

I do think creativity it innate but that being said, many people need to unearth their creative sides. I think it's never too late to explore your creativity whether it's through writing, music, art or basket weaving! One thing I have always wanted to try is glass blowing. That's on my life list.

Are you at a point in your career where you can pitch a book to your agent or editor and sell it before it's written (or fully written)?  And if so, we all want to know when and how that happens! 

No, but I would love to be there:)! I do pitch a book to my agent before I start and make sure she is on board with the project. I am able to sell on partial but so far usually end up finishing the whole novel before that happens.
Can you share the story of how you got your agent and how long it took?  I think aspiring writers always find these stories inspirational and motivating. 

This was not an overnight gig for me. It took me a couple of years of writing before I snagged my agent and a couple more to sell Shrinking Violet. We had a lot of close calls and just kept on going. My advice to all is don't give up and enjoy the ride.

After writing, conferences and book signings, how do you relax in that brilliant Miami sun? 

I love to hang out with my three kids, jump in the pool or take a nap (did somebody say nap?).
BONUS QUESTION:  If you were stranded on a desert Oasis, and you could bring one fictional character to life to live with you, who would it be and why? 

Oh, that is such a hard question, no wonder it's the bonus:)!  I would be happy to jump on Chloe's Harley from Gaby Triana's Riding the Universe or hang around backstage with Roz from Lauren Bjorkman's My Invented Life.

Again, Danielle, thank you so much!  Be sure to check out Danielle's website.  To order her books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, click the links.  

Tell us, Oasis Seekers, how much does music inspire your writing?  Are you creative in areas other than writing?

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  1. Thanks for having me on the Oasis! It was a pleasure talking to you! xo, Danielle


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