Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday's Sanctuary: Your Fireworks Moments

Seeing the blazes of red, white, and blue... and orange, green and yellow light up the night sky in celebration of our Nation's birthday made me want to keep the "oohs" and "ahhs" alive throughout the year.

And it made me think of how our manuscripts are like the inky black canvas of the night sky.  We have the ability to take something still and empty and paint it with explosions of life.  Sometimes, if we're really lucky, we'll write something that makes our skin tingle when we go back and read it.  Something that makes you think, "Oh my God. I wrote that!?"

It may be the prickly excitement of a first kiss, or the thunderous crescendo of a fight scene, but somewhere along the line, we writers get to create our own personal fireworks moments.

How lucky are we?  Because in exchange for a little creativity, we can experience the tingly joys of fireworks all year round.

What's your favorite fireworks moment?  Feel free to share a sentence or paragraph you particularly love.  We love the cool thrill of electrified words running over our skin.


  1. Since no one has volunteered yet, I'll start, here's the paragraph just before my MCs' first kiss (Cupid has come to Sadie shrouded in darkness and she doesn't know his identity. She wants to trust him, but a prophecy has foretold that he's a monster. Her heart & mind are in conflict):

    As he reached out to brush my hair, I turned my head away. Tears filled my eyes. I’d never thought growing closer to someone could hurt so bad; would be so full of wanting and hunger and fear and doubt. His touch had called to me, yet his darkness frightened me.

  2. Okay, I'll play. This is my favorite line from the current WIP:

    Trouble, I thought. Dark, mysterious, reputation-wrecking trouble.

  3. That's a great line, A.E.!!


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