Monday, July 19, 2010

MONDAY SANCTUARY: Curling Up With a Good Book

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I've always been an avid reader ... it's the biggest reason I wanted to be a writer! When I was in middle school, I can remember spending hours in the public library, running an index finger over the spines of YA books, looking for ones I hadn't already read. After I created a stack that I could hardly carry without being a professional juggler, we would check out and I'd devour at least one book on the drive home.

I read constantly, even when riding my bike home from school! I could definitely multi-task with a book in hand. And I re-read books constantly. I can envision my shelf of Sweet Valley High books, spines coursed with cracks. I'd come home from school, homework completed during class when I got bored, and choose one to read for the twentieth time.

Reading was an escape for me. I didn't have a particularly difficult life - divorced parents, no boyfriend, kind of a geek - but it wasn't a particularly interesting life either. I loved losing myself in a great book and was really drawn to Science Fiction (I still am!)

Nowadays it's much more difficult to find time to read. I have to fit it in with working, writing, and spending time with my family. I'm also more critical when I read a book, especially when I'm in edit mode for my manuscript. I am impatient, and constantly note the passive verbs, grammatical errors, and other errors as I read.

But when I find a good book, I'm immersed. I can't put it down. I push aside housework and read while I cook or the kids take a bath. I stay up late to finish it and then I reread the novel again, taking mental notes, and finding inspiration.

Inspiration. The way I got started writing in the first place ...

So tell me, what's a good book you couldn't put down recently?


  1. Thought I'd throw my books in the comments ... I just finished reading Linger, which was a beautifully written book that I couldn't put down toward the end.

    As for rereading, I could read the Harry Potter books ad nauseum, but most recently I love the Hunger Games series and continually get hooked with each read!

  2. I second your comment Nikki about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I can't wait for Mockingjay!

    I have just started The Body Finder and it is Amazing! I love books that just pull you in from the beginning! Great Post!

  3. I know Renae, I need to rent a hotel room for when I get Mockingjay so I can read uninterrupted! :)

  4. I hate that I haven't had time to read much of anything but blogs, copy edits and research crap. Though there's a long list I want to get to. Soon. Really. I promise. Soon. Yeah.

  5. It's been out awhile, but I fawned over Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Very Twilight-like in its romance, but not Twilight in its story - if that makes any sense.
    Also really enjoyed White Cat by Holly Black.


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