Friday, August 27, 2010

Daring Tranquility & Broken Lake WINNER!

I was stalking Facebook the other day and found a great quote a friend posted.

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice

It got me thinking about writing and the techniques each writer uses to ...'pull their characters, scenes, and stories into the light.'

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Are you a writer who blows gentle on your characters, highlighting their different facets with easy and discretion? Or are you a whirlwind writer, one who demands abrupt action or intense scenes to describe the attributes your characters or scenes possess?

This line of consciousness then lead me to our Monday Sanctuary idea. Does sanctuary solely have to mean quiet? 

I have some writer friends who thrive surrounded by chaos or rough energy, rather than the quiet and solitude of a library. They enjoy setting up their laptops and computers in the center of their home, their kids running circles around them. Um...yeah, that's not my thing. 

Some others find listening to classical music sooths them, attracts their writing zone, while others find hard rock or jazz music better. Some writers eat while they write; some would never think of it. I'm constantly drinking something. Writing mornings or afternoons, you'll find me all hyped up on good'ole java. Writing evenings, you may just find me sipping on wine. I don't eat while I write. 

It doesn't really matter what dares you, lures you to find that tranquil place in your head to write. It doesn't matter what you avoid. What truly matters is that you know what environment you need and set a time and a place for it. If you've never thought about it, do it now. Make mental notes. Next time your writing seems to have lost its flow, try one of those mental notes. Or even, try changing one. It may lead you to a new and improved tranquil writing place.

Do you have a sacred place you like to write? What elements do you feel you need there?

And now, we'd like to thank all who entered our contest to win a copy of BROKEN LAKE. The winner is Ezmerelda

CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. I can crank out writing so long as I have (1) Music and (2) no interruptions. It's been getting that second condition lately that's a problem.


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