Monday, August 16, 2010


**Picture taken at a private cottage beside Polly Falls in Wisconsin. I named it Stick Henge. This spot gave me such a sense of peace that I wanted to share.**

Where do I go for Writer's Sanctuary? Right now, my answer is probably not what y'all are expecting.

My agent is putting together a proposal for my current WIP and I have sooo much to do. Write. Write. WRITE!! My nerves tingle, breaths come quick, my mind seems to expand to take on the entire book at once. When I hit that word-churning mode where I disconnect from the real world, where I sleep, eat and breathe the story and finish a book in four months, I seek the sanctuary of what I've called "spankings."

Hey now, don't go thinking naughty. I'm talking about EDITS. Or better...the end result of edits.

I have a few books out with indie publishers, and I've learned so much from the edit spankings. Words I use too much (my editor calls them "slippers"): but, as, that. She once called me a but-head *_* Like Jessie's post mentioned a few days ago...passive writing. I've always described it as "something somethinged something else," where the action happens to the subject of the sentence, rather than the subject acting. And Yoda Speak. OMG Much trouble with this have I had in my years of writing. *snort* Being unique doesn't mean messing with the system that has worked for years.

Being "spanked" by my editors eventually sunk in. It helped cut the fat from my sentences, cull the weak words from my vocabulary, and burn the chaff of silly arrangements. Now, I can settle into the groove, and a little alarm will ring in my head if I reach for those "slippers", or allow something to something something else. Yoda is now in Star Wars, where he belongs.

I know many of you Oasis Seekers haven't been published, or been through edits. If you want the sanctuary, the comfort of knowing you're doing it right, please seek out a writer's group, or a few betas you trust. There are groups on to help you spiff up your first pages, spiff up your query, your synopsis, there is even a group for finding critique partners. While friends will read for you, you need someone who is going to be honest, and tell you what does and doesn't work. I warn people that I edit with the gloves off. It's not to be mean, because I try to compliment as much as I can. I edit with a firm hand because I want those writers to be improve, so they can find the sanctuary of confidence and comfort in just knowing...

So what about you Oasis Seekers? Do you have any helpful hints to make the writing smoother?


  1. Now I have to go check if something somethinged something else! But I promised DH to unplug this week so...let's put "somethinged" at the top of my list for next Monday!


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