Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tunes: A two-fer

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I'm flying solo today, but seeing as I'm kinda writerly schizophrenic lately, I figured I'm not totally alone. *snort* Hubby always said I was a split personality, now, I'm proving him right. I've been working on two totally different projects and listening to such completely different playlists, I figured I'd share a few of each list with y'all today and give the girls the day off. *grin*

First, my agent will be sending out proposals for my new YA WIP titled RESONANCE. Current tagline is One love. Two dimensions. Only one choice. Take HUSH, HUSH, strip out the angels, add the show Heroes with a dash of Fringe, and you're getting close. There's a hot, mysterious guy to fall in love with, a girl who doesn't know how deep her family secrets go, and threats on her life and the teens around her unless she embraces the truth of who she is.

So Close, Jon Mclaughlin
If You Could Only See, Tonic
Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney
Falling Slowly, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox
Savin' Me, Nickelback
Light On, David Cook
Somebody Like You, Pop Evil

Second, I'm revising my dark, gritty urban fantasy werewolf novel that recently sold to Samhain Publishing under my penname. It's definitely an adult story, and has a few steamy scenes, hence the penname, and not giving y'all the title here. Basically, it's Underworld, minus the prissy vampires and add MMA cage fighters. This is the story of revenge and the lengths these characters will go to, to get it. Tagline? Revenge is a bitch.

Lose Control, Evanescence
If I Was Your Vampire, Marilyn Manson
Head Like a Hole, Nine Inch Nails
Life Is Beautiful, Sixx AM
Cryin Like a Bitch, Godsmack
The Undertaker, Puscifer
Somebody Like You, Pop Evil

Okay, so there is one song in common... Somebody Like You, by our friend's band Pop Evil. Hubby taught their bassist karate for years. For me, it's the chorus of this song that makes it an all purpose song. Regardless of which genre I write in, there's always a strong romantic theme. These lyrics say so much:
How can I live without somebody like you?
Somebody like you, Please tell me...
How can I live without somebody like you?
Just tell me, It's over...
It's almost over...

Please remember the ladies of The Oasis for YA encourage you to download responsibly. Please purchase song from the appropriate venues. Nobody likes a pirate. Okay...everybody likes pirates like Jack Sparrow, nobody likes a modern thief.

Gratuituous linkage:
Pop Evil's website


  1. Ooh, sounds super-interesting. Does your urban fantasy have a name yet?

  2. Such diverse music from one book to the next. That mist really help you switch gears.


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