Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday: YIKES!!

So seeing how I completely dropped the ball on posting this morning, I thought I'd talk about why. Normally on Monday's, Oasis for YA focuses on the many ways we can bring tranquility into our writing routines. But in all actuality, we all know that life can toss us a curve ball now and again, diverting even the most organized of writers.
Yeah, that explains it for me. Plain and simple. I know lots of kids have already begun their school year. Some have been back for a few weeks. My kids start tomorrow. Well, two start tomorrow and the other two start on Wednesday. My baby is going to be in 1st grade. Boo-hoo. (There is something wrong with that.)

With a household of four kids ranging from ages seven to seventeen, we are in constant motion. The merry-go-round doesn't stop to let one of us off. You have to jump. Period. We're pretty much used to it, but on occasion we find a break is needed. That's what we did this summer. The kids stayed away from most of their usual activities--excluding ice hockey which is seriously a sickness--and hung out at home with friends. It was a nice relaxing summer. Granted it wasn't all that conducive to me advancing any of my writing projects, but that's okay. They won't be young forever, right?

Fast forward to this morning. I DECIDED to put off all dentist, doctors, etc... appointments until these last two weeks before school started. Um, yeah...not bright on my part. So this morning as I'm speeding on the highway--shh....don't tell--to get three of the four to their pre-scheduled hygiene appointments at the dentist who is one hour away, I realized I hadn't posted anything tranquil for you Oasis Seekers.

I started thinking what can we do as writers when surprises pop up or life elements get in our way? How can we find that calm place and give ourselves permission to miss a writing goal or writing in general for a day?

1) Know who you are. You are not just a writer. Although writing is important to you, I'm sure there are other elements of your life where you are needed or wanted.

2) Don't feel guilty. Writing is a part of your life. A part. Balance is the key. (Yup, let's save that discussion for another day.)

3) Laugh about it. Did you know that laughter is our natural tension breaker? Use it. It was given to us for a reason.

I'm laughing write right now. I just have to.

What about you? Any back to school horror stories? Do you have any add-ons to our list?


  1. Thankfully *knock on wood* my back-to-school time has been good this year. There, I've gone and cursed myself for something hideous to happen. :) Hopefully not.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  2. Not yet. Let me get back to you tomorrow, lol.

  3. Thank major problems here.

  4. I got caught the back-to-school germs. So while my kiddos were in school today, I was home sick. I guess that's sort of relaxing though. Went back to bed until noon & then watched a movie until time to pick them up. Guess you gotta take the quiet moments where you can.

  5. My kids started today. Chaos ensued at 6:30 am when the girls wanted braids and curls in their hair. I just don't do them well! And then of course the school was a madhouse, volunteer sign-ups and coffee was served... and I still had to work to do!


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