Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday: An eclectic mix

Nikki and her friends at YAKnow, modeling Mockingjay tattoos at the Midnight release party.

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Today we've got an eclectic mix of what we're thankful for.  

Nikki says:  I'm thankful to have my local critique group girls who do crazy things with
me like dress up at the SCBWI conference and go to the midnight party for
the Mockingjay release ... Things I'd never do by myself!

Isn’t that the truth.  If we’d had one by us, I would have dragged my critique group to one as well.  Though, I’m not sure I’d have had to drag them.  :D

Jessie says:  I'm thankful that my five year old got placed with a warm and wonderful teacher - in a class of only 12 - for her Kindergarten year.  Here's hoping this gives her the kind of start she needs on her road to academic success.  I'm also thankful that my four year old has the wonderful teacher that I came to know and love last year and that I get to be her Home Room Mom. Teachers are wonderful people!

I agree. Though I home school my children I have several friends who are teachers and they are worth their weight in gold.  It amazes me how much they work with really the only thing they get in return is knowing their helping the children.

AE says: Being a bookaholic, I'm thankful there are so many awesome looking YA books coming out this Fall. I come! Then, Crescendo, Unraveled, Night Star...

Sheri says:  It's been a quiet summer for my family. With four kids who are normally involved in everything, this was a nice change. Each decided to take a break from their normal activities/sports--except ice hockey (always except ice hockey). The hubs built us an awesome fire pit outback. It's big enough for all to sit around and roast marshmallows. We had our share of smorse, lately. Oh, and I survived the dentist the other day.

And me?  Yep, I’m dittoing AE and I’m adding a second for my family.  MOCKINGJAY came out yesterday and not a single one bothered me until the end.  I have to say that that was pretty cool!  So thank you awesome new authors and my awesome family who knew how important reading MOCKINGJAY was.


  1. looks like you guys had a blast - I'm jealous & I don't even read the catching fire series... (yet)

  2. Those are all awesome things to be thankful for. I totally agree with AE, too! My wish list on Amazon is SO long...
    I'm thankful for my amazingly supportive family--always there for me, even when I'm being tired and grouchy!


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