Thursday, August 19, 2010

Positive Thinking

Here on Oasis for YA, we like to pay special attention to the good in writing--whether correct or wrong--the positive. Always the positive. That's what I'm here to talk to you about today.

Have you heard of the site, Positively Positive? Checked them out on Twitter? Well, you should. 
Wow! What a powerful statement. 

STOP now. 

Reread it again. Think about it. Let in seep into your mind. What if...yeah...what if all that hinged on your success as a writer, as a human being was positive thoughts? Ever heard of the book THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG or THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING?

Being thankful is a from of positive thinking. It can do wonders when your stuck in a slump of endless ideas that have no anchor. Or when you receive edits back from your editor--I'm speaking from the experience of my Oasis colleges as I have yet to be gifted an editor. But I will.

See. The moment I thought that I had a ting, a spark igniting down deep in my soul, pulling me closer to my goal of a published novelist. It will happen. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, say them out loud everyday, be thankful for those goals, and you will see yourself flourish like never before. Not to mention how it will help those around you. 

Positive energy breeds positive results.

"I'm thankful that I was able to see my grandparents this past week and the rest of my family that I haven't seen in 5 years."   Jessica

"My mom gets a HUGE shout out this week. She drove 4 hours to come get my girls, kept them for a week, and is bringing them back home so my hubby and I could grab a quick vacation. I'd be grateful enough if that were all, but my four year old has apparently been a little terror. Sorry about that, Mom. Thank You!"   Jessie

"I am singing the praises of the Samhain Publishing staff and my editor Bethany Morgan. After having my manuscript for a few months, Bethany decided to take it, and contracts were signed last weekend!! I'm putting this one under my penname, so I can't tell you everything, but this is what I can share: It's a single title, very VERY dark and gritty adult paranormal with a pack of male werewolves, a werecat cage fighter and a were-hybrid who will stop at nothing to get what she wants."   AE 

"I’m thankful to have critique partners and beta readers who are quick to review my edits, give feedback, brainstorm ... and then review it all again the next day when I change my mind!

"I'm grateful for having entered a contest to support a great cause and in return received an opportunity to submit my query and first five pages to an amazing agent. And then, meet with her via webinar. Her devoted time is a blessing to me." Sheri

Are you able to push all the negative stimuli whirling throughout this world away from you and find the positive? How do you do it?


  1. It depends on the day,lol. I do always try to stay positive though.

  2. Good stuff! I'll check out the website. I use affirmations and grateful thoughts every day, and I love Wayne Dyer's work on positive thinking.

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